Photo Enforcement

Photo Enforcement
In an effort to promote driver safety, the City of El Mirage has implemented a photo enforcement program. This traffic safety program utilizes both speed Redflex cameras as well as mobile speed enforcement vehicles.

Fixed Speed Photo Enforcement

The fixed photo system has sensors embedded in the roadway which are connected via computer to the intersection traffic signals. During red, yellow and green cycles, the sensors measure the speed of vehicles entering the intersection. Photographs are taken of any violations and the registered owner is cited.

RedflexThree locations within the City of El Mirage have been selected for photo enforcement. These locations are:

  • 129th Avenue and Cactus Road
  • El Mirage Road and Olive Avenue
  • Thunderbird Road and 129th Avenue
  • Dysart Road and Varney Road
  • 118th Avenue and Thompson Ranch Road
  • Dysart Road and Acoma Drive

VanMobile Photo Enforcement The mobile speed enforcement vehicle is a marked police vehicle that deploys a radar device diagonally across the roadway. A vehicle entering the radar beam in excess of a preset speed which is entered into the computer is photographed from the front and rear. Through reading the license plate numbers on the digital images from each deployment, the registered owner of the vehicle is located through the state's Department of Transportation, and a summons is mailed to the owner.