Road Construction Updates

Road Construction Updates   
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Project No.: EM19-W01
Project Title: Alto Street & Palm Street Easement Improvements
Project Scope: A 12-foot wide Public Utility Easement (PUE) runs along most of the rear property lines of the homes that reside along Alto Street and Palm Street, north of Thunderbird Road.  This easement allows the City to access and maintain the existing water main that serves these homes.  Over time, some of these properties have encroached within the PUE which makes it difficult to access the lines.  This project would clear the existing easement area and/or obtain new easements to facilitate access to any existing or future utilities.  Walls/fences within the easement would be removed and relocated to the edge of the PUE.  Phase I included the first 11 properties and Phase II will include the next 8 properties.    
Current Status: In July, the City will be starting Phase II of the re-establishment of the Public Utility Easement (PUE) between Alto and Palm Streets.  Walls, landscaping and other items will be relocated out of the PUE in anticipation of the future water main replacement that will take place along this corridor between Thunderbird Road and End Street.                                                                                                         
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Project No.: EM18-W01
Project Title: City of Surprise OTS Water Main Replacement Project
Project Scope: The scope of this project is to abandon older 2, 4 and 6 inch water mains and install new 6 inch mains within a section of Old Town Surprise where the water system is owned and operated by the City of El Mirage. Service lines would also be replaced and relocaed into the right of way for ease of access. The funding for this project is approximately $1.07M and is provided by a loan requested from the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona. (WIFA) in 2012. 
Current Status: The new water main has been installed in the alley between Jerry Street and Factory Street and the new service lines are being connected.  The installation of new water main in the alley between Factory Street and Greasewood Street has started.                                                                                                            
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Project No.: EM18-ST01
Project Title: Dysart Road Project

Project Scope:

Dysart Road is a roadway of regional significance but currently only has one lane in each direction south of Peoria Avenue. The City proposes to widen this corridor to 5 lanes with bike lanes and curb and gutter.

Current Status: 30% plans and cost estimates have been completed and submitted to MCDOT for review.  A meeting will be set up in early 2019  to discuss the design requirements and funding of the construction. 
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Project No.: ADOT
Project Title: Grand Ave Frontage Road Project
Project Scope: The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) will lead this project along Grand Avenue. Phase II will include the reconstruction of the Frontage Road from Thunderbird Road to Greenway Road. The design of the project has been identified for funding through ADOT using MAG/Federal funds identified for Grand Avenue Phase II. The Transportation Policy Committee (TPC) included this project as part of the Regional Freeway and Highway Program's 2016 rebalancing pool to address the program surplus in FY 2026. The TPC has recommended a project budget not to exceed $6 million for this effort.
Current Status: The installation of the railroad fence and hardscape continues.  Subgrade preparation for the east side of the Frontage Road and improvements to the Grand Avenue median have started.  The east side of the Frontage Road will be paved at the end of May.                                                                                                                                                                         
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Project No.: MCDOT
Project Title: Northern Parkway Future Road Project
Project Scope: Northern Avenue is to be widened into an expressway/parkway configuration as a road of regional significance.  The total project cost is currently estimated at $228 million. Costs include Design Concept Report, design, ROW acquisition, and construction shared between project partners El Mirage, Glendale, Peoria, Maricopa County, and MAG regional funding with construction scheduled over the next several years. In accordance with the IGA approved by Council on 6/26/08, the City share of the project is $9.5 million.
Current Status: Phase II (Dysart Rd to 111th Ave): Storm drain installation, roadway grading and construction of the Agua Fria bridge continues.       
Overpasses (El Mirage Road OP & Dysart Road OP):  95% Plans are complete and project will be placed on hold until 2021.
El Mirage Alternative Access (Butler & 129th): Design consultant has prepared design criteria and alternatives for review.  Geotechnical and Environmental work continues.                                                                
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Project No.:
Project Title: Spot Improvements Project

Project Scope:

The City will be making modifications in several areas along Thunderbird Road, El Mirage Road and Peoria Avenue throughout the summer months.  These improvements include, among others, driveway modifications at the El Mirage Senior Village and addressing drainage issues at multiple locations along Peoria Avenue and El Mirage Road.  Lane restrictions and road closures are anticipated. 
Current Status: The project is scheduled to start in July.                                                                                                                                                                 
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Project No.: EM18-ST04
Project Title: Thunderbird Road Access Modification Project
Project Scope: This project will provide full access to the east driveway entrance to Casa Mirage Apartments located on the south side of Thunderbird Road between El Mirage Road and Primrose Street.
Current Status: City staff has provided comments to the design consultant.  Final revisions being addressed.  
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